All stoner pornstars that love a hit from the bong

I was gonna write a list of pornstar babes that love to smoke a blunt or take a deep hit from the bong... But I got high. Just kidding. While doing research I've noticed there are quite a few girls in the adult film industry that sure love a little grass every once and a while. Does it make the sex better, maybe? Does it take away those sharp edges (and help relax) before shooting a porn scene? And which pornstars are all in the 420 team? Let's find out while we keep on puffin'...


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10/15/202310 นาทีอ่าน

a woman with a cigarette in her mouth and a cigarette
a woman with a cigarette in her mouth and a cigarette

All stoner pornstars that love a hit from the bong

I was gonna write a list of pornstar babes that love to smoke a blunt or take a deep hit from the bong... But I got high.

Just kidding. While doing research I've noticed there are quite a few girls in the adult film industry that sure love a little grass every once and a while. Does it make the sex better, maybe? Does it take away those sharp edges (and help relax) before shooting a porn scene? And which pornstars are all in the 4:20 team?

Let's find out while we keep on puffin'...

Weed before sex? Let's ask pornstar Katie Morgan!

Toking up before taking it to the bedroom a good idea? Let's ask a pornstar! According to Katie Morgan; "I think marijuana makes a lot of things better, sex and food being two of the biggest ones".

So I guess it's safe to assume that the anwser is a YES! To smoke or not to smoke? To smoke, it is...

Now that we know a little bit more about cannabis usage during sex, let's find out which of the girls in the adult film industry have joined team 4:20...

The big list of pornstars that are pot heads

Hint: Click on the image to view all the social media accounts of that model (Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram).

Tattoo model and pornstar Juelz Ventura likes to train her lungs

From the looks of it, Jeulz Ventura works hard to train her body like that. Ain't she looking hot as hell? She's got all the perfect shapes! But it seems like her body isn't the only thing she's training... From the amount of photos and selfies Juelz shared on social media, it looks like she's giving her lungs a pretty darn good training as well.

Pornstar Juelz Ventura is loving the ganja, no doubt about it... Can I get a hit?

Pornstar Kristina Rose likes it big... Her bong, that is!

The lovely pornstar Kristina Rose doesn't hide the fact that she's a stoner babe. And who are we to judge, right? I guess it's always 4:20 somewhere around the world, right?

Every now and then, Kristina shares a selfie of one of her "bong adventures" on social media. Best part is, she also loves to smoke while either topless or completely stripped nude. And well, she's got one fine body (and quite an amazing big sexy ass) so it's all cool with me. :)

If you aren't already following this weed smoking pornstar, you'd better start following her right now.

Riley Reid wants the biggest bong of all

How come it's always the smallest girl that is craving for the biggest bong?

Riley Reid is one of those girls in porn that doesn't shy away from showing off her love for the herb... Riley loves to smoke grass from a big bong just as much as she loves to suck a big phat dick! And that sure ain't no secret (just follow her on Twitter or Snapchat and you'll see hihi).


Keisha Grey is 420

Besides rocking her amazing curvy body and faptastic juicy bubble butt, look who's also rocking her brand new swimsuit... If that isn't 420 enough for you, I'd give up.

Adria Rae & Megan Sage trade their asses for grass [Porn video]

What's even better then a hot, horny naughty babe stripping naked to smoke some weed? Two naughty naked babes smoking a joint together. But wait, it gets even better...

What if I told you that pornstars Megan Sage and Adria Rae smoked weed together and had sex in a threesome on camera at the same time? Now that's HOT! This scene called "Ass for Grass" and was shot by the virtual reality studio; WankzVR.

Curious about the plot of this scene? Ok, here we go; "Megan has a craving for some serious bud and wants to introduce her cute but inexperienced friend Adria to new sensations. She discovers you take either cash or ass as payment and these two cuties don't have a dime between them".

Sounds like a grasstastic threesome scene to me! You can't go wrong with two hotties like Megan Sage and Adria Rae anyway...


Blazin' beauty Remy Lacroix

Remy Lacroix's addiction of having as much wild and steaming hot sex (on camera) as possible doesn't seem to be her only addiction.

Sure, Remy loves to play and take care of a hard rod, jerking off, sucking dick like a real pro and always going for that happy ending... She wants to taste that jizz!

But if there's one thing she loves just as much as sucking a guy's dick? It's sucking on that blunt... Keep on blazin' girl!


Tiny little blonde pornstar Chloe Foster loves marijuana

It's official now, pornstar Chloe Foster is a pot head! Need more proof? According to her own Twitter bio, she sure loves the ganja as it reads; "Model, Actor, Marijuana Enthusiast, and Smurf Farmer".

I don't know if it's just me, but I guess I find it kinda sexy to watch such a small little petite girl get naked while smoking a joint... Man, I can really feel this weird new stoner fetish of mine growing. And that's not the only thing growing at the moment, all because of Chloe Foster over here.


Rachel Roxxx sucking on that bong... All night long!

Give Rachel Roxxx a bong and you won't see her again until at the end of the night... Another pornstar on the 4:20 team confirmed!

Taylor Blake loves to take selfies with her bong

Never heard of teen pornstar Taylor Blake over here? Well, maybe that's because she's one of those brand new fresh faces in the business. Besides being a pornstar, Taylor is also a die-hard pot smoker.

What gave her away? Her Twitter profile, which is TaylorBlake420. All the evidence (selfies with the bong) can be found on her Twitter page as well, in case you're interested.

Anna Foxx learned to deep throat while high on grass

"I would never have learned to deep throat if it wasn’t the fact that I was a stoner" is what pornstar Anna Foxx had to say at the 4/20 Emerald Triangle Girls party in San Francisco.

Pornstar Madison Ivy can't get enough of the herb

By looking at all her weed selfies and candids, it really seems like Madison Ivy is quite the ganja goddess! Madison Ivy is not the type that's satisfied with just a single hit from the bong... She's the type of babe that goes all in as she even takes off her clothes to strip buck naked before she lights up her joint! And just like in her "movies", she keeps on sucking and sucking... A girl of my heart <3.

Blazed and confused? Not for this weed smoking veteran over here...

Ivy wasn't messing around when she picked her Twitter username, which is; Madison420Ivy. Oh well, what can I say? I just love the combination of Ivy's big hooters combined with marijuana smoke.

Ivy Madison might just as well be the biggest pot head on this list. Guess she also has the biggest tits of all stoner babes on this list... What a double win!

Jenna Haze and Sativa Rose?

With such an artist name either "Jenna Haze" or "Sativa Rose", you might suspect these two pornstar babes to be pot heads... However, I couldn't find any hard evidence online. No pictures, no nothing...

Oh girls, please don't tell me you've picked this pornstar name while you two both don't even smoke, right?

Who knows the anwser? Are pornstars Jenna Haze or Sativa Rose on team 4:20? That's the blazin' question... Time to buy some Scooby Snacks and call "Mystery Inc" to solve this mystery for once and for all.

Janice Griffith is not just smoking hot... She's also smoking!

Just look at this young and sexy beauty queen, ain't she smoking hot? And well, that's exactly what she likes to do... smoke a lot! Rising pornstar Janice Griffith is on team 4:20!

Be sure to follow this naughty hottie on all her social media profiles, from Twitter to Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.

Karla Kush is like the ultimate bong queen

If you would ask pornstar Karla Kush to choose between no more sucking a bong (ever again) or no more sucking a dick (ever again), it would be too damn hard to choose for her! Karla Kush sure loves the kush as well as a big sausage, but she can't live without any one of them. ;)

I'd bet this babe has one hell of a huge collection of big ass bongs at her house... A different bong for every different occasion! Oh well, light it up Karla!

What about some trivia? Try guessing Karla Kush's Twitter profile name! Yeah, of course it is KarlaKush420! Stoner, much?

Wild babe Adriana Chechik also likes to smoke weed

We already knew pornstar Adriana Chechik was a wild one by simply watching all of her extremely hardcore porn scenes, often with brutal anal sex. Speaking of anal, did you knew Adriana Chechik cums and squirts during anal sex?

So yeah, we knew she was quite a wild girl. However, we never knew she smoked weed or even had a bong. Until we've found these selfies on her Instagram account. You dirty girl, welcome to the 420 club... ;)

Hippy pornstar Daisy Haze smoking weed topless (and outdoors)

I got to admit, I have a little crush on this sexy, naughty, ganja smokin' hippy chick...

She's so damn cute! Just look at her sweet smile while she's giving a handjob to a lucky bastard or look at her sweet smile when she's enjoying her daily weed (while topless outdoors) in the sun.

And well, she's got some great titties too, If you'd ask me...

I don't know about you, but I got the feeling, pornstar cutie Daisy Haze could be one of the most laid back girls you'll ever going to see.

Oh and by the way, Daisy could come over and play with my own wiener any time she'd like... I mean, she's just so freakin' sexy. And the best part? She sure knows how to "blow". ;)


Ebony pornstar Lala Ivey never skips celebrating 4/20

Pornstar Lala Ivey never skips a good old blunt to celebrate 4/20 and she also doesn't hide the fact that she loves to smoke the "magic herb".

In fact, it's quite the opposite as she loves to share photos in which she's smoking some reefer or taking a hit from the bong. A proud weed smoker, that's exactly what we love to see. Go follow this babe on all her social media channels.

Rather want to watch and enjoy the sexy pothead Lala Ivey while she's stripping naked or while she's playing with sex toys? Go check out her live webcam shows at Camsoda or at

Jada Stevens is 4:20

It has been confirmed, the last one on our list of pornstars that smoke weed is Jada Stevens... And she has now officially joined the 4:20 club as well!

Blazed and Confused director; Penny Flame

How the hell could I even forget about pornstar and porn movie director Penny Flame? I mean, Penny was one of the directors at the adult film studio; Shane's World, from back in the day.

And guess which adult film titles released by Shane's World, Penny Flame was in fact the director of? The Blazed and Confused DVD titles. Penny directed all 3 movies in that serie.

In case you want to know what the hell the 3 "Blazed and Confused" DVD titles were all about...

In short, send a group of pornstars on a holiday, let them smoke as much weed as possible, let them get as high as possible and then let them fuck as wild as possible... Ladies and gentlemen, that's pretty much "Blazed and Confused" in a nutshell.

I got to admit, I really do miss those good old reality type adult film titles Shane's World and Seymore Butts used to produce in the late 90's. Good memories, those films we're just so much fun to watch.

Oh well, atleast we still get to enjoy some archive footage fromShane's World on Pornhubthese days.

Lena the Plug a stoner... or not?

I think we can all agree on the fact, we all got very excited when the curvy teen Youtuber Lena the Plug decided to become a pornstar. But here's the big question of the day; does Lena smoke pot... or not?

Tough question, indeed. Lena claims on her Twitter profile that she doesn't smoke pot. However, if we look at one of her celebrity sex tapes (see screenshot below), the evidence might suggest otherwise.

And what do we see on the screenshot of one of Lena's sex tapes? That sure as hell looks like weed to me... Oh well, pothead or not, Lena and her sexy curves, boobs and ass is still extremely hot!


Grass smoking pornstars Sofie Reyez & Lily Ford in VR [Porn videos]

Look, who's that playing with a bong in VR?

We've just discovered a second VR (virtual reality) porn scene at WankzVR involving pornstars on weed, aka pornstars on the magical herbs. In this scene we'll get to enjoy the super sexy Sofie Reyez.

Ready for the pot? Excuse me, I mean, ready for the plot?

"Sofie Reyez wants to experience new highs and you're more than happy to deliver on the pleasure. Will you be a bad influence on Sofie or are YOU just along for the ride?".


Still not enough VR porn for you? What about enjoying the petite cute stoner blonde Lily Ford in wild fucking action?


Some more stoners in the adult film industry?

Are there any more stoners in the adult film industry? Yes there are a couple of more babes in porn that love to play with a bong every once and a while. A few names? What about the blonde on the photo above? That's the sexy stoner pornstar Melissa May.

But there are even more girls that should be on this list, for example: Jenna Sativa (what did you expect with that pornstar name, right?), the busty Karlee Grey, redhead Penny Pax, Skin Diamond, Aaliyah Love, Zoey Monroe & Chanel Preston... There's probably more we've missed, but we will add them once they get busted (or when the smoke clears out).

Update March 6, 2020:

Pornstar Madelyn Monroe loves to play video games while high on weed

Let's welcome Madelyn Monroe to the club of pornstars that love to smoke some grass... Well, in the case of the blonde pornstar over here, it's pornstars that love to play video games while high as a kite.

I was just scrolling through my Twitter feed when I discovered the photo above (by accident) posted by Madelyn Monroe herself on her Twitter account (@MadelynXMonroe)... Guess we've just discovered Madelyn's love for the all mighty herb.

So far our list of girls in the porn business that are worshipping the magical herb... Nature is a wonderful thing, right?